Giorgio Scali



Giorgio Scali’s career as a professional cinematographer has garnered him awards from around the world. His career quickly expanded to shooting a multitude of award winning music videos with luminaries from both the music and film industries including Prince, George Michael, and The Foo Fighters. Giorgio studied Art History at Tufts University and extensive coursework in the Visual Arts with a specialization in photography at The Boston Museum School, simultaneously earning both his B.A. and B.F.A degrees.

Scali worked at the prestigious architecture firm Cambridge Seven & Associates in Boston and later as a studio photo printer for The Metropolitan Museum of Art. He worked as a Camera Assistant under the tutelage of legendary and influential cinematographers Caleb Deschanel, Fred Elmes, and Vilmos Zsigmond. Commercial credits include Volkswagen, Coke, and Mercedes. Recently, he has immersed himself into the world of feature films. Scali’s film credits include indie award winning film ALL GOD’S CHILDREN CAN DANCE for director Robert Logevall, his collaboration with mentor Caleb Deschanel for second unit work on MY SISTER’S KEEPER and recently on ABRAHAM LINCOLN VAMPIRE HUNTER.