Why From the Rough should matter greatly to people of color

From the Rough, by portraying the story of Dr. Catana Starks, a real-life heroine as a coach, teacher, mother, and community leader, brings a humble African American woman with extraordinary accomplishments into the public eye. As our lead Taraji P. Henson said eloquently about Dr. Starks: “I believe art changes lives, art saves lives, art creates lives, and right now, tonight, it’s not about me. It’s about this woman’s story, her legacy. She touched me; she inspired me.”

Central theme:

The film reminds all of us, but particularly people of color, that an individual with determination who recognizes and taps the hidden potential of her athletes, students, children, employees or mentees can achieve extraordinary and unexpected results. As the tag line for the film at the time of theatrical release beautifully and simply puts it: “It’s all about believing.

How the film can be used

From the Rough has been used as a catalyst for diversity and inclusion discussions at major corporations, schools, colleges, and universities, and churches. Because its subject matter is a sport, it also can be used to discuss gender and race diversity in sports as well. Its main value is to make a unique trailblazing accomplishment normal and accessible. Being able to see an African American woman succeeding in a male-dominated profession should inspire others to aspire to that profession.