Michael Clarke Duncan



Every character actor who has ever been typecast dreams of a role that will transcend the clichés of his or her image. For Michael Clarke Duncan, that breakout role also drew on the hidden truth of his own personality, and the results were spectacular.

Duncan’s big break came with a role alongside Bruce Willis in ARMAGEDDON. Bruce Willis later recommended Duncan to director Frank Darabont for THE GREEN MILE, a film for which he received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his role as John Coffey. Duncan collaborated with Bruce Willis on three subsequent films: Alan Rudolph’s BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS, THE WHOLE NINE YARDS, and the noir blockbuster SIN CITY. Other film credits include PLANET OF THE APES, THE SCORPION KING, TALLADEGA NIGHTS: THE BALLAD OF RICKY BOBBY, DAREDEVIL, GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE 2, CATS & DOGS, THE SLAMMIN’ SALMON, and REDEMPTION ROAD.

His resonant baritone voice made him a popular choice for animated voice-overs in films including DINOTOPIA and KUNG-FU PANDA. His last television appearance was a recurring role on the crime series FINDER.