Why From the Rough is a valuable tool for corporate diversity and inclusion programs

The film addresses many different dimensions of diversity and inclusion: gender, race, national origin and ethnicity, and social and economic class within and across races. Each of its characters struggles with his or her identity and provides a rich context within which to discuss both explicit and implicit biases. The film also highlights the value of seeking out undervalued and overlooked diverse talent from around the world, an increasingly critical imperative for global corporations.

Central theme

The central message of From the Rough is that we should never judge individuals or groups on their past credentials or accomplishments, but on their future potential. The goal of any organization and leader within an organization is to identify, nurture and maximize the full potential of each person and to achieve the performance synergies that come from an inclusive and supportive organizational culture. Coach Starks achieved and orchestrated this with her team.

Use of the film

The film has already been used as a catalyst for in-depth discussions of diversity and inclusion in two different corporate organizational settings: a major corporation’s diversity and inclusion organization and another corporation’s Employee Resource Group’s deliberative processes.

The film, or segments of the film, can work with facilitation and other resource materials to lead to a much richer understanding of obstacles to and opportunities for advancing diversity and inclusion as a business imperative.