Why From the Rough is Great for Educators and Administrators of Schools and Colleges

The real Dr. Catana Starks was both a coach and teacher at Tennessee State University. Besides forming and building powerhouse athletic teams, she achieved exceptional results in keeping students and athletes in school to graduate and to transition to successful and fulfilling adult lives. At a time when we have a crisis in the number of young people who are disconnected and disengaged, she demonstrated that it was possible to make a difference in addressing this problem. How she did it is sketched out in From the Rough.

Central theme:

Dr. Starks succeeded in producing a winning team because she saw potential in young people overlooked and undervalued by others, treated each of them differently, made them defiantly proud of themselves and their adverse backgrounds, instilled a “no excuses” mindset, and got them to support one another.

How the Film Can Be Used – even troubled teens

The film and Dr. Starks herself can be used as a catalyst and even a guide in how to create a set of principles and a program to keep young people, especially between the ages of 16-24, in school and directed toward either a degree or a certificate program. It is also usable for young people who are under 16 years old to help them discover and realize their dreams and their full human potential. It can be viewed individually or in a group setting and the discussion can be facilitated to develop plans and programs to achieve these goals.